Android Client - No Adult Results?
  • Hello, I'm a new user for the Android Client. I am currently set to default settings and am having some strange results popping up. None of the adult content is being revealed even with proper tagging.

    I've searched the settings and can't find any appropriate toggles to allow for this, nor any configurable filters. I currently have nothing blacklisted either. There doesn't seem to be any section to register an account so I'm not sure if that's a requirement.

    Does this application not allow for this content at all? :< If I have to buy the app, maybe I will, but there should be some way.
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  • Anime boxes does have configurable filters, the filter can be disabled or enabled per server. The default server does have the "Filter:Enabled", and you can't edit or delete it, but you can add a new server, just follow this steps:

    1. Launch the App and press the main menu button (upper left corner of the screen)
    2. Tap on servers. This will show the current list of servers
    3. Tap on "+" (upper right corner of the screen)
    4. On the next screen, select the type of the server
    5. Write the url
    6. Set the filter as desired
    7. On Danbooru sites you can include your login data
    8. Tap the save button (upper right corner of the screen)

    Once the server is saved, you should see again your server list. Notice that in the list, you can see the url, the type and if the filter is enabled or disabled for each server. To change the current server, just tap on any server on the list. If you made a mistake while saving a server, you cannot edit it (yet), you will have to delete it and create a new one.

    While searching, you can quickly change between servers using the servers button on the Action bar, if you can't see it, just press the menu button on your device.

    You can find similar info on the help screen, but we haven't update it for android.

    I hope that helps.

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