Error code 200 while searching
  • Is anybody getting an "Error code: 200" while searching?

    Somebody reported this on Twitter but I cannot reproduce it, if anybody else is having the same problem please let me know here.

    Also include every detail you can, like your device model, iOs version, your configured server, if it's a new installation or if stopped working after an update.

    Thank you
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  • Hey everyone, I started using this app just today and signed up for it as well, but when I search at the default website at the program it always end up in an error with code 200, any idea about it please?

    My IOs is 6.0 as I see, and I downloaded this app from vShare because my app store isn't valid for the U.S store, that to be honest.

    My model is MD258ZP, and I'll look into my server configurations soon, until then is this enough info for you?


    PS: really sorry For opening a discussion lately, I didn't pay attention to this issue being blogged here.
  • We probably found the reason of the problem, but it's not something we cannot solve it.

    Error 200 occurs when the metadata is requested to the server, but for some reason the site is being blocked by the ISP (internet service provider) or by something in the local network (like a firewall or something similar).

    You could try to connect to a different network, for example, try using the app at work, school, at a friend's house or in a public hotspot and see if it works.

    Also, here is the list of errors logged, perhaps you recognize any of this:


    By the way, I do not recommend you try opening any of this urls, they could lead to virus/malware.

    That's all I have for now, I wish I could be more helpful.
  • I forgot to ask something, Where are you from?.

    Anime boxes it's supposed to be available download worldwide, you shouldn't need to use an unofficial App Store.

    I'll understand if you don't want to tell me :)
  • Hey Admin, thanks a million for the deep care previously on the discussion and this, and sorry for being a little too late on my reply, exams took me over (though I kept thinking of the app (⌒▽⌒) and wanting to browse it (T ^ T)...).

    Your mostly correct about the ISP, the URLs might be blocked indeed, as I'm from UAE, sooo.... makes sence? :)

    Thanks again for troubling yourself with me, and it's a pleasure to get in touch with you!

    Looking forward to more chats together.

    PS: our school servers are fixed because of our **** teacher >▽<...

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