Shimmie 2
  • It's not supported on the ios version
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  • Shimmie 2 it's supported on both versions, if you found a site that doesn't work properly just let us know.

    Shimmie is very fragmented, multiple sites are using different versions of shimmie, so we have to make adjustments each time we find another variant, and sometimes it's impossible to make them work.

  • This is a little weird, somebody already mentioned a problem with this site, but it's seems to be working fine on both versions, I don't know if this is just temporal, or maybe something in your network is blocking the site (like a firewall)

    Please try again using this settings (using version 1.2.2 on iOS):

    The rating filter it's not supported on Shimmie sites, so be sure to disable it, otherwise it won't work.

    If you can add the server but you can't find anything, perhaps you aren't using the correct tags, try selecting "Browse all" from the main menu, you should see some results.

    Let me know if you are still having problems
  • I removed the server then re added it , now it works perfectly thanks

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