A server doesn't get added.
  • Hey, currently i was adding

    It doesnt add as danbooru or shimie, so i added as gelbooru. However, it added without any problem, i click on browse and yea, it buffers the image thumbnails without any problem. The problem starts from here, i get an error message if i click any picture it gives me an error. Here is a picture of the error.

    [IMG] http://u1312.hizliresim.com/1j/3/v40zn.png[/IMG]

    Could you please help? This looks somehow to me ├Âike a bug. Im not sure if its a booru site im not expert on this but i do well understand alot about other stuffs in pc todo. Anyway, waiting for your reply.


    By the way, as an suggestion, could you make an thread about all the known booru sites with an small brief text next to the link if it is about anime, safe, or explicit or cosplayer... this would be an excellent idea and so on can we comment on that thread the servers and therefore an moderator could add it to the thread and remove therefore the comment that was posted. What do you think about this idea?

    I will try to figure out things more if i get ya. Thanks for your hard work and to the people too that has credit on making this app.
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  • This site looks much like a gelbooru, but it's actually "Running Nihonomaru Version 2.0" so it won't work with anime boxes.

    About your suggestion, due to multiple reasons We cannot recommend any site, but if you want to find more, you could use Google, try searching "Running Gelbooru" or "Running Danbooru" and you should find a few of them.
  • Will there be any release of booru Nihobomaru 2.0 added to animeboxes? Thx for fast reply!
  • I'm sorry, but no, the site doesn't provide an API so it's impossible (or difficult) to work with.

    Besides, the site doesn't seem to be very popular and We couldn't find other sites running the same type of booru to justify the effort.
  • Ohh, okay.

    Thanks for a nice brief reply.
  • The site (https://www.lolicit.org/booru) appears to be protected behind a forum so the app cannot access the content. I don't think it's going to be possible to include support for this site.

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