• Hey, i was launching the app and found suddenly pop up the "buy pro" button. I had already bought the app for about 2 or 3 months ago and now it says buy it. this message popped up yesterday, i waited little if it would go and sync that i bought it, but no, it is still same. I checked if i had same google acc as i bought and yes it is!! What is problem? Was this purchase for 3 month only?
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  • No, purchases are permanent. Google Play keeps track of your purchases, there nothing in our code that can remove it. I cannot tell exactly why, or how your purchase was lost.

    Each time you launch the App, the purchase is validated, if you already have it then the ads are removed automatically. Since this is information is cached, only the first time takes a few seconds. If you tap the "Go Pro" button, the purchase is validated again (it may use the cache again), if you already have it, then you should see a message like "You already purchased Anime boxes...." and you will be taken back to the home screen. If Google Play doesn't recognize the purchase, then the app will show the "Purchase $X.XX" button. I'm guessing that maybe if you switched between multiple users Google play could be validating another user, but it's very unlikely.

    Try this:
    -Close Anime boxes
    -Launch Google play
    -Confirm you are using the correct user
    -Launch Anime boxes
    -Tap on "Go Pro"
    -If you don't see the "already purchased" message then tap on "Purchase $X.XX"
    -You should get an error "response: 7: Item Already Purchased". This action may refresh the cache.
    -Close Anime boxes and launch it again
    -Tap on "Go pro", to launch the validation again.

    If you don't get the error "response: 7:...", then something else is wrong.

    You could try reinstalling:
    -Uninstall anime boxes
    -Restart your device
    -Open Google Play and install Anime boxes
    -Launch Anime boxes and wait a few seconds
    -Tap on Go pro to launch the validation again.

    Let me know if this worked.

    Search in your email the "order number", just look for "Anime boxes pro" and you should find it, its a pretty big number (like "01234567890123456789.0123456789012345") and send it to our support email ( so we can check it, just in case the order was cancelled, but this also is very unlikely.
  • Hey, sorry very sorry for very late reply. I am using 3-4 google account so i think something there got messed up, however now it works good. Everything works as it should be, thanks for your hard work on solving my issue, it got resolved itself. Thx again.

    EDIT: i did not made any of ur mentioned solutions actually my problem got solved itself without doing anything. However, i believe its because i had on google play another acc than i purchased the animeboxes pro. Thanks once again.
  • Awesome, thanks for letting me know

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