Some ideas I propose.
  • I love Anime boxes, it's one of my most used apps, and I plain love how fast and simple to use. However, I want to recommend some features, because this has been nagging at me for a bit.

    Change the thumbnail preview when viewing an image:

    Seeing a thumbnail image at the top at a very small size looks plain awkward. An app that also is capable of browsing boorus on mobile shows the full image but pixelated (or fuzzed out) while loading the image, then showing the image in the size dimensions it was in while loading (as in, its original size.)

    Like this:,ewKPEfZ

    Loading graphics:

    Some loading graphics such as this on images - (the blue bar would be moving) while searching a tag would be a nice touch.

    The title:

    Always thought AnimeBoxes looks better as a title than Anime boxes, it's a small nitpick but I wanted to point this out.

    So yeah, that'll be all I have to say.
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  • There is a progress bar visible on the Action bar (at the very top of the screen), it's very minimalistic but we think it's looks OK, maybe not.

    About the thumbnail, we may include it as a configurable option.

    I'm not sure about the title, we are using the same title as the iOS version. We could change it to "Anime Boxes", but I'll think about it.
  • Another suggestion, have an option to remove the loading circle animation when loading an image, there's a loading bar, so it looks a bit redundant. Maybe I'm nitpicking? Idk.

    I also think it'd be nice to see a new icon for the app, one that's more high-res too...
    Just look at how it clashes with how all my apps look on the Nexus 7 in terms of resolution, zoomed in it even more so makes my case:

    The box could look like this with the cat dude still in it, methinks:
  • Very well, perhaps we are just missing a version of the icon for high resolution devices, it should be easy to fix
  • Would it be possible to upload pics from your camera roll (device) right into your animeboxes favorites skipping the process of having to upload it to a booru and finding it then saving it that way?

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