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  • When i search for a tag is it loading endlessly everything is the same as peter_pan the only difference is that my server is
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  • I have the same problem: It shows the loading wheel without ever finding any results.
    I am using the pro version of the app on an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.6. The server is with Danbooru2 and logged in. The rating filter is disabled.

    Before I updated everything worked as intended. I already tried reinstalling the app, but had no luck with that.
  • I cannot reproduce this error, something important like this should be easy to spot. If it were an network error, you should at least get an error message instead of just loading forever.

    We are going to investigate this further, in the meantime, if anyone else is having the same issue, please include your device model, server and the search query.

    I'll update this discussion if we found anything.
  • It seems that the update has affected many people as I have a few friends who are also encountering this issue (including myself, sadly). The app seems to no longer be able to contact the servers properly including but not limited to:

    -Danbooru 2
    -Old Gelbooru

    We are all getting the same problem where we would search for a tag and nothing happens. The app just seems to hang on the loading circle and if an attempt to go back to the home screen is made, it will take a really long time to react. Almost as if the phone was stuck overall. I use an iPhone 4, 2 of my friends use the 4, and the others are on some form of the iPhone 5.

    On another note, I tried re-installing the app which removed my list of servers, so I restored my purchase and was unable to add any servers after that. It just gets stuck on validating and does nothing. Hopefully it's something simple to fix.

    Thank you for your efforts!
  • There might be a problem related to the library we use to open network connections. In our first attempt to solve this issue, we are going to update the library an some of our code to be sure everything is correct.

    It won't take long, but we are gonna need a few days to test it.
  • Take your time and try to fix it properly! No need to rush :)
  • This seems to be still happening and I have an iPhone 4, and this is happening with the Danbooru and Gelbooru with filters both disabled and enabled. I am also using pro. I hope you can fix this issue!
  • In this new update, it also removed the search suggestions. The tags on pics also are not color coded but I think that's just because of the new app look.
  • We didn't removed the autocomplete, but it's using the same library, so it probably won't work either. The autocomplete now include results from your search history.

    The tags on the info panel still appears with color, but only on danbooru 2 sites, since it's the only type of booru that support this feature.

    By the way, the new update (v1.3.1) is already "waiting for review", and hopefully will be available to download this week. Please, let me know in this discussion if the update does solves this problem.
  • The problem wasn't solved with the update, the only thing that works for me now is restoring the pro version.
    I am using an iPhone 4 and the default server (tried others aswell).
  • it still doesn't work for me as well but i found a trick when you search for something then close the app and then start it again and click on the tag in your search history then it works well at least for me
  • Actually what nick0 posted is right. It works when you close the app (double pushing the home button and closing for good) and restart it. If you go straight to the search history it works fine. Just if you typed in your own search term it wont work for some reason. Even when you use the search history afterwards it wont work.
  • I think we finally found the problem, or at least a similar one. For this test, we forced the app to run on an iPod Touch 4G (with iOS 6), which has a similar hardware to the iPhone 4.

    The problem is related to the search field (autocomplete), if you use it, everything else will stop working properly.

    To reproduce the error:

    1. At the home screen, Tap on search
    2. Tap on the search field.
    3. Write at least 3 characters.
    4. The autocomplete won't show any results, if you tap "search", it will load endlessly, if you try to use any other function it may not work, or it will work very slow.

    If you never use the search field, you should be able to use every other function on the app.

    So, just to be sure, please, launch the app and try any of this:

    1. Add a new server (any type)
    2. Tap on the anime boxes logo on the home screen to browse all.
    3. Browse any tag on your tag history (while at the home screen, swipe to left to open your tag history, tap on any tag)
    4. If the above works, scroll down to load the next page of results
    5. If the above works, tap on the server button, and select another server
    6. If the above works, tap on any thumbnail to open the viewer, tap on the "i" button to open the info panel and tap on any tag to begin a new search.

    The above should work, as long you never touch the search field.

    The only description that doesn't fit is the one from Valenthe, he mentioned that he couldn't add a new server, my guess is that he probably tried to add it after using the search field.

    If anyone can confirm any of this we would be most grateful. In our tests, we couldn't use the menu and the info panel, because those only works on iOS 7. We will try to test every other function, but it will take a few more days.

    Finally, we appreciate, you patience and support with this issue.
  • On an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1 the above mentioned steps work as intended.

    I was able to browse the pictures without any problems. Though, i noticed that some pictures aren't showing up (it's as if they are empty files). But i guess, that's another error that we should talk about when the current one is fixed!
  • Great! Thank you peter_pan11.

    We are going to upload an update as soon as we can.
  • It works like a charm now! Thanks for fixing the problem!
  • Great! Thank you for confirm it.

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