Some problems on Android
  • 1- When searching on landscape, tag suggestions look like com.bisimplex.droidbooru.danbooru.TagItem@####(Some numbers)
    2- When browsing on some images do not load (DECODING ERROR)(especially .swf but there are some .jpg or .PNG)
    3- Again, on e621, .gif 's don't play, they just look like a normal image.
    4- Sometimes it loads endlessly (especially when searching another thing when it is already loading a search results)

    Sorry if this is wrong, this is my first post...
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  • I'm having the same problem with gifs on other sites, hope it gets fixed
  • 1. We never noticed this, it only happens on smartphones.
    2. Swf won't work. I'll take a look at the "DECODING ERROR".

    Anime boxes depends on the tag "animated_gif", if this tag is not present, then the app won't try to animate the image. Since the tags system is different between boorus, we are going to remove this rule and try to animate every .gif file, this should fix the problem.

    We will try to include fixes for this on the next release.
  • Thank you ^^, I'm hoping for the next update

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