Version 1.1.4 for Android is available now!
  • Version 1.1.4 is now available to download and includes:

    -You can now set an image as wallpaper. If you don't see the new button, tap the menu button on your device and select "Set as wallpaper". If you have installed at least one an app that can configure your wallpaper, you will prompted to select it from a menu. If you don't, then anime boxes will try to set the wallpaper centered on the screen
    -Improved support for older devices. Many users were reporting problems on older devices (with Tegra 2 or similar), this version should work better. The most common problem was getting the "OUT_OF_MEMORY" error after viewing some images, this should fixed on this version. You can still get this error under certain conditions, but it should be a lot less common.
    -Improved support for Shimmie 2 sites
    -Improved support for larger images. The app now reduce a little the quality of very large images before showing them on to the screen. If you save the image on your gallery, you still get the original quality, so don't worry about that. If you are using a very powerful device, you may set "Limit image size for large images" to off on the setting screen. We may improve this behavior on future releases
    -Thumbnails are now resized to fit the screen while the full image is loading, but you can disable this on the settings screen
    -There are a few new setting on the settings screen, I recommend you to take a look
    -The "rating filter" is now more "safer", consider this while configuring your servers list
    -We adjusted a little timeouts and other network settings, you should see a lot less the "IO_ERROR" and "DECODING_ERROR" error messages. This doesn't eliminate them entirely, but at least they should be a little less annoying than before
    -You can now view the EULA on the settings screen

    If you are still having the "out of memory" error on your device, please let us know.
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  • Is there anything exciting for ios users to look forward to? : )
  • Thanks for the update! This app just got a whole lot better!
  • @Anime1711 We haven't decided yet, but so far we want to include cloud sync on v1.4

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