Anime boxes is now available on the Amazon AppStore for Android and Kindle Fire
  • Anime boxes is now available to download on the Amazon AppStore for Android and Kindle Fire devices.

    You can download it here:

    If you are an Android user and if you don't know how to install the Amazon AppStore here is a little tutorial:

    Since Anime boxes was removed from the Google Play Store, we decided to publish the app on the Amazon AppStore. About this release, I want to point out:

    1. This is an experiment, we want to know if we can reach the a respectable amount of users.
    2. This release (v1.1.5) doesn't include neither ads nor in-app purchases. The plan it's to include them in the future.
    3. We had to make some changes to publish the app. This changes affect mostly to the default server.
    4. If you install this version, it won't affect your current installation (from the Play Store).
    5. We really couldn't test on a real Kindle device, let me know if doesn't work correctly.

    Remember that we develop the app based on the interest on the app, so if you already have installed the version from the Play Store, please try this version too. Also, let know your friends.

    Original, we were going to try to publish the app again on the Play Store, but there is a risk involved, and we don't want to risk our other app (not related to anime anything similar). So for now, this is the only version we are going to release. If you have any question, you can post it here, or send us an email (

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  • Yay!
    Downloaded it, btw it seems nice out but is there any scheduled plans on putting it back to google? It was very easy through there wondering it. Thanks! Hope it will receive future updates and not get abandoned project :(
  • If anyone has been having trouble installing the appstore (install button doesn't work), try disabling any screen dimming apps you have.
  • Can't download it from german app store, no download Button
  • We haven't abandoned the project. I don't have a date for the next update, but we are still working on it.

    @Crashkid1337 To download the app you have to install first the Amazon App Store on your device (get it here ). If you don't see the download button on the website, launch the Amazon App Store application (and login if you haven't already) and search "Anime boxes", it should be on the first page of results.

  • Amazon App Store is installed. I cant find the app throuh the in app search, only by clicking "Get this app" on the Website I can access Anime boxes in the App Store and there the download button is missing. Problem might be that I only have a german Amazon Acc and App store and on Amazon App Store location seems to matter sometimes.
  • @Crashkid1337 I'm not sure why, but probably it's because the app it's rated for adults, could you check if it's there any option related to that on the App Store settings?

    Also, be sure you are running Android 4.0+
  • Didnt find a related option in app or amazon website that had any effect.
    I did a little research and looked for other adult rated apps in and didnt find any of them on german amazon. So I guess that all apps rated adult arent released on german amazon appstore (and on too).
  • @Crashkid1337 We think the adult rating is a little harsh, since the app is filtered by default, so we are planning to adjust the rating a little. But to do that, we have to upload a new version first, so you will have to wait until the next release.

    Hopefully this will improve the exposition of the app on the market.
  • Thanks for the info. I will wait for next release then.
  • We already updated the app, but some users are still having some troubles, so you can now download the apk from our website:
  • Curses... My Samsung Media player with android can't install it. It's stuck on an old android version that can't be updated D:
  • @Valenthe so you can't install it using the Amazon Store or the apk? I'm pretty sure we didn't change the requirements for this update.

    I'm not sure if we did something wrong during deployment. Could you tell me the device model?
  • It's a Samsung Player 3.0

    The version of android it came with is not able to be updated and is below the requirement. I've looked for solutions but there is no option for update.
  • @Valenthe the xda developer forums are great forthiskind of thing if you haven't already and are comfortable messing with your device.
  • @TheAiurLife , I already put hours of research into it before in many places including that site. I didn't find much help at all and I am indeed comfortable with messing with that paperweight.

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