Favorities Backup/Location
  • Hello,

    I would like to backup my favorities,
    so id like to ask if someone knows where and how are the favorities stored on the droid ?

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  • Actually, we also want to include something like this in the near future, it's very common the need to restore your device and loose you data.

    Most of your data is saved on a sqlite database, but right now I don't have any android device with me, so I'm not sure where is the file saved, but I'll try to investigate the path tomorrow.

    We are also testing a new cloud sync feature for the iOS version using Dropbox. The idea is to make it compatible with the Android too, so your favorites, servers and search tags can be synced across multiples devices with different platforms using the same Dropbox account. Even if you have only one device, this could also work as a backup/restore.
  • Sorry, I totally forgot to reply.

    The current path generated using part of the API and may vary between vendors and android versions. But in our test device, you can find the file on:


    Data is a system folder, so you probably will need to root your device. You will also need a File Manager that can access this folder, we used "File Manager (Explorer)" to find it.

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