I am having problems with Anime Boxes please help
  • Hi I have been using anime boxes for years now and it's worked just fine until a few days ago when I search something it will show some images but some images wont pop up. but when I start from the beginning of the resulting pics some images will not load it stays on the connecting pop up and flashes once then just does nothing it does that on a lot of pics not just the ones that are not showing the thumbnail but a lot of them. I have also tried to clear cache but no help. If I uninstall the app and reinstall it will I lose all my favorite and bookmarked tags
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  • I'm guessing you are using Gelbooru (the default server).

    Gelbooru has been having some troubles with one of their image servers in the past few days. Yesterday, they were moving on to another server, and many images were broken during the transition.

    At this moment, the problem should be fixed already, but aparently there are still some missing images.

    You don't need delete the cache, or reinstall the app, the problem should be fixed shortly on Gelbooru's side. There still a chance that with the current changes we may need to update the app, but right now it's seems to be working fine. We tried a few pages of pics and they seem to load fine.

    But if you found a pic that still doesn't load, please post here the link. To copy the link, just open the Info Panel, and on the "Normal Image" or "Url" tap on the "i" button (long tap on android) and copy the url.

  • Thanks so much. I knew something was strange but if I find anything I'll post it.

    Best answer thanks
  • Ok I have just tested and there are still a bunch of pics that will not load when I click them
  • I didn't tested again after my reply yesterday, but I tried again today and most pics were loading fine.

    It took me awhile to find a couple of missing thumbnails, but the normal images and the original images were working fine.

    Just to be sure, could you tell me which tags are you searching for? I want to take a look

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