Blacklist problems + minor favorite issue
  • First, thanks a bunch for the Android version of this app. I've been using the iOS version a ton and happily paid for Pro and since my iPhone broke, I was missing it since the alternatives are really bad. Mbooru's search is pretty nice though and it would be cool to see saved searches work that way, it's really tough to edit a saved search at present and autocomplete quickly fills up with crap. I also end up accidentally going to the main screen more than I like hitting the back button, since there seems to be pretty shallow "history" for previous pages, but figure this is a memory constraint.

    Anyway, I know from the iOS version that having a bunch of blacklisted tags can slow down the app. However, I've noticed that even as few as 3-4 can break searches entirely, whereas on iOS I don't remember that happening. If I add that many and make a search, most of the time I will simply get a loading circle and nothing else even when left alone for a long time. The probability seems to be lessened as additional blacklist tags are removed, or as searches get simpler. A 3-term search with 3+ blacklisted entries will work once, but repeating the search will break it completely 100% of the time on my device. This is only fixable by force relaunching the app. I have also noticed posts with blacklisted tags not being removed from search, and these are being directly copied from the Information -> Tags window, so there shouldn't be any syntax issues. These are both on e621 (using the Danbooru mode), I haven't checked to see if Gel/Danbooru also have this issue or not since they're a *little* more bearable to use without an extensive blacklist.

    A minor string thing too - I was confused unfavoriting things because on the favorites window, the unfavorite option simply reads "Favorite", and removed favorites don't disappear until you leave Favorites and go back to it. Which kind of gives the impression that it doesn't do anything!
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  • Very well, we'll look into it.
  • Not very related bug but - I've also noticed that there appears to be a crash after searching when posts that are HTML5 video (.webm, animated gifs seem OK) appear in search results. This is on the iOS version under Danbooru mode. In the meantime I have just blacklisted the relevant tags and it seems to fix it.
  • Thank you @nightlily, we are going to fix this on the next release.

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