External memory issues
  • hello, i'm new in the forums but i have been using anime boxes for a long time on android, it's an excellent app.
    lately i'm having problems to save the images to the external SD card, something like i don't have enough space, but it has 3 gb of memory left, in my old device i had no problems, anyone knows how to fix this?

    the path i'm using is "/storage/sdcard1/anime boxes"

    thanks for all your work!
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  • Sorry for the late answer.

    This error is very hard to reproduce, because each vendor could provide different paths. The path you mention could be the correct one but, to sure, you could use a File Manager (Like File Manager HD) to check if the path it's correct for the SD Card of your device?.

    Could you tell me if you device is rooted? I'm not sure if this problem it's about storage permissions.

    In our test devices it seems to be working fine, but both of them are rooted, so this could be a factor. I'll try to test on another non rooted device tomorrow, just to be sure.
  • Yes, the phone is rooted, it's an Xperia Z1 running Android 4.4.2 to be exact.

    I use ES File explorer, to check the path and it's correct, i've also created a folder with the same name in the internal memory, and has no problem saving the images. But i'm going to try doing this with another SD card just in case...

    If you find any clue please tell me, and thanks for the help!

  • I tried again on a Galaxy S3 Mini, which it's not rooted, and it worked fine. Also, you get a specific message when the app don't have permissions to write to disk, so now I'm pretty sure it's not about permissions.

    Usually OS's reserve some space from disk for cache an other tasks, the system tends to become unstable when the disk it's nearly full. But in this case you are using an External SD card, you should have full access to it, so I'm no sure what's going on. My only guess now it's that it may be a hardware issue, trying another SD card sounds like a good idea.

    I'll try to reproduce this error again before the next update on Android, just in case we are missing something when saving the image.

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