Android App stopped development?
  • Hey, i have been using AnimeBoxes a long time now, and i enjoy this apps feature, but since of google play store removing this app, why is it stopped development on it? 4 months ago EXACTLY since last update push, yet nothing for us. I dont know whether you guys abandoned android platform or not, but u guys keep saying yes yes we will add this thanks etc, fine good to hear these replies, but you know whats the best? A reply that is telling the truth. IPhone got update 1 december, and Android platform on august... there is a lot more android users than iPhone, i dont know why u guys stopped developing android app, but you guys lost a fan of this project, its not good to lie, if development is stopped/on hold, tell it to us! If its abandoned, tell us! Or share source code etc i dunno so another dev picks up and further upgrades. Or find someone who will develop it. Xda has many devs there, been checking here a lot and no news wow guys! Wow! Dunno what to say, only sayin good luck...

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  • Thank you for sharing your concerns and we apologise for the inconvenience.

    We are a very small team of developers, so we cannot work on multiples projects at the same time. We also have to maintain other products and services not related to Anime Boxes or mobile devices.

    The Android version is not dead, it's just we haven't had the time to start a new development cycle.

    This is not the first time we receive complaints like this, we often take 4-6 months to update the iOS version too.

    Our current plan it's to start a new cycle for the Android Version on February. I cannot confirm which features are going to be included, but we always consider our users's feedback.

    As always, we appreciate your understanding and patience.
  • Looking forward to the February updates
  • Almost end of this month (february), still nothing for android. *sigh* looks like we, Android users are not as lucky as Apple fans.

    Whenever you guys start with android, please upgrade the UI to the new Material Design please. Thanks.

    P.S: If there is any beta release or any release that is not yet finished, it would be still nice to be able to check it up and see it before it's final release, if there is any release that is on-going as well.
  • I miss having the ability to see when an image has been favored already or not and being able to search in your favorites like I the ios version
  • The update is coming this week on our website. The amazon version will be released as soon the app it's approved on the store, that usually takes between 7 to 10 additional days.

    We are currently testing the update, we are also looking into the "Access Forbidden" error.

    I'll create later a new thread to explain the contents of the update.

    This version (v1.2) includes a few visual changes, including "partial" support for Material Design. We are going to improve this part on future updates, but we may need to drop support for older versions of android in process. This update will still work with Android 4.0.X (API 14).

    @Anime1711 We are not going include this on the next release, but we are going to consider for a future update.

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