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  • Hey there, i know this might be a silly question but i was using the Anime Box on my IOS for some time but now when i try to see an image, it says "Access forbiden" and i dont realy know why. Again, i know this might be a silly question but i realy need some help. Thank you for your time and take care!
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  • Somebody already reported something similar for Gelbooru, but I cannot reproduce it. My only guess right now is that is a server overload, but if this is the case, then the error should be temporal.

    Do you remember when did you saw this error for the first time?

    Are you sure you saw this while viewing a single image? or was while you were searching something?

    Anyway, I'll keep trying looking for this error at different hours of the day. If anybody else is having the same issue, please post it here.
  • I am having this issue as well.

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