Version 1.2 for Android is now Available (Amazon version is comming soon)
  • Version 1.2 for Android is now available to download on our website:

    The update will be released on the Amazon Store on a few more days, the app needs to be approved by Amazon.

    The update includes:

    -Skins (change it on the settings screen, requires restart)
    -Lock screen (enable it on the settings screen)
    -A few visual changes
    -Partial support for Material Design (this requires Android +5.0)
    -"Jump to page" option on the search screen
    -The viewer will load the next page of posts when you reach the last item
    -The viewer will check if you already added an image to your favorites (this validates the id and the md5)
    -Long tap on the search history to add a search to favorites or delete it.
    (Favorited searches will appear at the top of the list)
    -Some bug fixes
    -The app will check on launch if there is a new version to download.

    There is gonna be another minor update soon, if you found a bug please report it.
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  • I've found no bugs so far, but I have a suggestion for the next minor update? Maybe have the "boxes" in "Anime boxes" be changed to uppercase? As in, Anime Boxes.
  • Has Amazon still not approved the update yet or have I missed something? I tried to do the apk thing but I got an error saying that the signature already exists. Do I have to delete my current app? And in doing so, will I lose all my favorites?
  • We are having some issues to get the app approved on the Amazon Store, but I'm pretty sure it should be available shortly.

    I believe you cannot install both version at the same time, they are using the same signature. I recommend you to wait just a little longer.

  • What the an error occurred while connecting to the server ???
  • Read the other thread that is titled 'Server Connection Error'. Gelbooru changed their API so one must sign in to their account to connect if you are using an app. Animeboxes doesn't have this, so you either have to wait for the update, or use a different app such as mbooru.
  • Oh thanks oven Iwill follow the instructions

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