Version 1.2.1 for Android is now Available to download
  • Is case you missed, version 1.2.1 is now available to download on our website and on the Amazon App Store.

    As always, the download links are on our website

    New in version 1.2.1:

    -Fixed a few bugs
    -The app now will check is the post is already on your favorites.

    To know whats new in version 1.2 click here.

    If you have any comments or recommendations for this release, feel free to post it here or open a discussion.
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  • App works nice, the new pattern lock is good, all is good on 1.2.x version.

    I find this version nice, slim and modern looking app.

    Is there any scheduled update for the next version? if yes, what's the changelog (so far?)
    App as of now got all features i could imagine, but im wondering if there will be new version that's being builded now that got any interesting features, tht's why i was wondering.
  • We don't have a release date for the next update for Android. We are currently working on the iOS version.

    I don't have either a change log for the next release, we usually decide the changes and new features when we are about to start a new cycle, based on the time and resources we can apply to the project.

    The Android version is still missing some features present on the iOS version, like Slideshow mode, Dropbox integration and Pools, so any of this can be an option. Sometimes we take in count the feedback and request from users to decide the content of the update.

  • I liked the ability to search inside your favorites in the ios version. I look forward to seeing that soon
  • @Anime1711 you are right, this feature is missing. We'll try to include it on the next release.
  • @Admin

    What about favoriting tags for searches?

    I also noticed that you cannot seem to hide the bar at the top while viewing posts.
  • @FurudeRika

    You already can do this on 1.2.1

    Open the Search history, and long tap on any element to open the contextual menu, and tap "Set favorite" or "Remove favorite":


    For the full screen mode, while on the viewer, just long tap on top of the image to hide or show the top bar. You cannot do this while the image is loading, just wait until the progress bar disappears.

    Probably using the long tap wasn't the best idea, but it's supposed to be common on Android (not on iOS). We also use the Long top on t=he Info panel.
  • @admin Thank you for the clarification, keep up the good work!
  • Is ios easier to work with then android? Or do you seem to have more ios users? Cuz they seem to get more attention then android. Just wondering.
  • @Anime1711

    Both versions are complex on their own way. The iOS version is one year older, this is the reason it includes more features. It's difficult to measure the number of users now, since we are no longer on the Play Store.

    Our current plan is to release an update for the iOS version around August, and a update for the Android version around September.
  • Would it be possible to add a slideshow feature to the android version, just like you have already for the ios version?
  • @Darkrow

    Thank you for the feedback. We know there are some missing features on the Android version, we will try to include this on the future.

    Edit: btw sorry for the very late answer, I totally missed your reply. [I was busy playing candy crush.]
  • I might be mistaken but I think I have some kind of admin privilege for this thread. It looks like I have the ability to edit or delete posts. Even the admins post (except the op), I tested it with the post above this one... just thought I'd let someone know.

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