I want to add sankakucomplex to app! :(
  • It is possible to add sankakucomplex? Now or in future? Because I tried and doesn't work, maybe I do it wrong.
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  • I believe that site is technically not a booru. The way it functions is different from any other like gelbooru for example.... Although I wouldn't mind having that database available on animeboxes.
  • Sankaku doesn't provide an API, or it's private, so the app cannot connect to the site to download the content.

    We cannot do anything about this. If this change in the future, we may provide support for this site later.
  • sankakucomplex has released an app similar to animeboxes but to browse only their channel. Is currently on v1.0.3. One feature that i like is to preload next image.
    Dont know is the app is public though...
  • Tried the app and it's very out dated. Crashes all the time and had no internal favorites like Animeboxes. However it does have the ability to search all different sites in one search but in the end I deleted it because animeboxes is still better because even though they are slow coming they are constantly trying to make it better.

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