Danbooru webm file issues.
  • Danbooru webm files are recognized by the app as zip files and cannot be rendered, even though they are in webm format. Is there any explanation as to why this is happening? Perhaps they are using a special display method that compresses them for faster download. But I would love to be able to see them! The gelbooru webms work like a charm by the way. Just danbooru being the odd one out yet again.
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  • This is what I see by the way.
  • The original "ugoira" posts are actually a bunch of images presented as an animation. Danbooru convert these animations into webm videos. So the original is a zip, and the sample is a webm video.

    I found a problem with the app when you have enabled the "Download original image" option. If enabled, the app won't recognise correctly the sample as a webm video.

    For now, disable this option:

    Settings > Advance settings > Set "Download original image" to off

    Once disabled, the app should try to load the webm file, instead of the zip.

    On the next update we will solve this issue, so you can enable this option again. Other non ugoira post shouldn't be affected by this. You could also search for "webm" to find more clips.

  • Thank you sir/ma'am. I shall try this out right away.

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