Couple Feature suggestion!
  • I was looking for Danbooru Downloader in PC, and i found the one works in Sankaku, and found out if you set your QueryString in certain way, you can actually able to access in Sankaku Network by any app.

    So I suggest to go download the newest one, and in Main tab, press Edit next to Generated, and select Sankaku Complex (HTTPS). It has '/post/index.xml?%_query%' in QueryStringXml and QueryStringJson box. I hope this would help you to manage to make your app able to access in Sankaku Network, by Add those options, or whatever else.

    And Second, this is pretty simple suggestion. App should show the Illustrator's Name, Character's Name, The Name of the Picture parodied and many more in colors, and i think you could simply reflect the colors from websites.

    Thank you for your App and concern about suggestion.
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  • Due to some limitation we couldn't provide support for this site, but we may try again, thanks for the info.

    About the color of the tags, it's a limitation related to the API provided by gelbooru and danbooru. Simply put, the app doesn't know the type of the tag, so it cannot change the color.

    Danbooru's 2 API doesn't have this limitation, so when you use this type of site you will should see the colors and order of the tags should be different:


    Notice that the series, characters and artist names appear before the general tags.
  • Thank You for the consideration!!
  • Soooo, any news on the Android update?
  • We don't have a release date for the next Android version, sorry.

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