Server connection error.
  • I'm trying to use but it gives me an error saying could not connect to server. Something in your network could be blocking it.

    Please help I don't know if it's the server or my network? I have tried it on other networks and the same thing occurred.
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  • Having the same issue, trying to connect to Gelbooru. Gelbooru is working fine so I assume it's an issue with the app.

    Great app other than that, anyway. Hope we can find out what is causing the issue.
  • I also have the same problem with gelbooru but works fine on ios and android. Its probably something to do with the nsfw images.

    I really love this app, it would be a shame if the app stop working permintantly. (Sorry dislexic)
  • The connection issue with gelbooru (is the same as is related to the API, it not working at the moment. Try connecting to another site in the meantime.
  • @TastyCookies124 we are aware that our error messages aren't the best

    @Oven thank you for mention it.

    Danbooru should be working fine, same as mosts compatible sites, currently Gelbooru (the original) is the one isn't working because the API was disabled. We know there are some crashes on iOS 9, in which we are already working on them, but the connection error you see on the app is not related to this.

    We haven't decided what to do about this problem, for now we can only wait. If there is a change required to connect to the API again, we will make an update for sure.
  • Thank you for the response.

    That was a possibility I was considering to be the case. I just wonder how long it'll take before they get it back up and running correctly again. Anyway, thanks again!
  • Yeah is the same as gelbooru I'm also having the same problem on a different app mignori.
  • Not sure if this impacts the API, but retrieving an image from Gelbooru now requires a valid 'referer' header. Guessing when they implemented that check they broke something in the official API. Hopefully this can be fixed soon, as they have some of the most obnoxious ads left on the net...
  • Yus thank you everyone for commenting on this discussion now I know it's my my isp lol.
  • I'm having the same message (could not connect to server. Something in your network could be blocking it.) with both Gelbooru and Danbooru.

    Safebooru works still. I get similar errors in another app, but both sites work just fine on my PC.

    Was something changed on their end involving how apps retrieve pictures or something?
  • Docspencer are you sure danbooru doesn't work, because it works for me.
  • Danbooru is working fine for me. (
    There's a thread on the API being down. No dates mentioned yet when it's going to be back up, but I hope it's soon.
  • This pretty disappointing of gelbooru. I've been visiting their site for years. But now I've moved onto some place else that works very well with animeboxes.
  • Apparently it's because they had an abnormally high level of traffic on the API. But yeah it is kinda a bummer it's taking them so long.

    Actually one of the mods just said in that thread that they have the API back up now, but anime boxes still doesn't work. I question if it is actually up, maybe the app isn't compatible with the changes to the API, maybe something to do with referrers? Not too sure.
  • Yes, the API is available now, but now the user needs to be logged in to use it, so the app will require an update.

    The API doesn't really have a way to validate the user, user credentials are handled through cookies, so it's gonna be a little messy. At the very least we already tested the API using one of our users on the iOS version, and it seems to be working fine, so it's a matter of time.

    We still don't know what to do about the default server, we kind of need it.

    We want to setup a beta for the iOS version, if possible I'll explain the details later.
  • Not to sound picky, but will the Android version get an update to handle this change in the API? Thanks again for all your work on this great app. We all appreciate it very much.
  • Why can't the log in work like danbooru sites?
  • Aww man, after reading this I am now looking forward to the update. Gelbooru you will be mine once more.
  • Thank you so much Admin for the info and yes Darkrow Gelbooru will be ours once more.
  • Thank you admin, I'll also wait for the update. We appreciate your wonderful job!
  • Some info related to this issue:

    We are still working on the iOS version, it's almost ready, we only need to test a few things before uploading it for review. We will work on the Android version after we finish the iOs version.

    In the end we decided to no upload a beta, the reason for this is because the beta would involve an extra delay, so we are leaving this for another release.

    There are a bunch of small but significant changes across the app. Related to this issue, when adding a new Gelbooru server you'll be able to set an username and password.


    When adding the server, the app will check the API availability and suggest to set and username/password in case the server doesn't respond correctly. Previously, the app was assuming the server was a Gelbooru v0.1.11 since this type of sites don't really have an API. This assumption was removed, and now you'll have to set the correct version of Gelbooru (old or normal) when adding a server.

    If you already have Gelbooru (or YouHateUs) added to your list, you can just go the list, tap on the "i" button and select "Edit" from the menu. Set your credentials, and tap on save, and the app will request session from the server.

    A session should last a year. This update won't be able to request new session by itself, you will have to go to the server list and edit/save again to get a new session. Since sessions last a year, this shouldn't be a problem for now. On a future update, we are going to request a new session on the background when needed, if user credentials are available.

    Another small problem of this update, the app will only be to use a single session per URL. For now this won't a problem, since the only thing the app does is to obtain the posts data. On future updates we will correct this, and also, we will check if we can take advantage of this (like sync favourites) on future updates.
  • I have a question, the next fix/update will be available also for iOS 7? I still use this system in my device, thank you so much.
  • @Raziel sorry, it's only for iOS 8 and iOS 9. We dropped the support for iOS 7 two updates ago I think.

    The update for iOS is now waiting for review, it will take a few days to be approved. We are working next on the Android version, we still don't have an expected date, but it shouldn't be too long, probably next week.

  • Is this update (android side) only going to fix this or is it going to include new features too?
  • @Anime1711 This update will contain only the fix for gelbooru and support for a new type of site.

    This update for Android is going to be available early next week on our website, and a few days later on the Amazon Store.
  • Apologies for Necro-ing this thread, but I am a Amazon user, and I get this error pretty much every time I try to search, and the only server I have is the default server. Suggestions?

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