Version 1.5.1 for iOS is now Available to download
  • Version 1.5.1 is now available to download on the App Store (get the links on our website:

    This update includes:

    * Fixes for iOS 9
    * Multitask support on iPad (This varies between models of iPads)
    * On Gelbooru sites you can now set user credentials
    * Support for IBSearch based type of sites
    * Other multiple fixes

    On this release, we have removed the support for Cloud Sync with Dropbox. The reason for is because Dropbox removed the service "Dropbox DataStore" that was being used by the Application. Dropbox didn't provided an alternative service, they removed because not many developers were using it.

    Originally we decided to use the Dropbox integration to offer cross platform between our Android and iOS apps, but now that idea is dead. On future updates we are going to look into the iCloud integration, to at least offer cloud sync between iOS devices. For now we don't have an alternative.

    **About Gelbooru Compatibility**
    Gelbooru's API now require signed requests, so if you have the site on out server lists, you will have to set a valid user to continue using it. Just go to the Server lists, tap on the "i" button on the right of the server name, and select edit (or create a new one). You should be able to set and username and password, then tap on save. This will request a session from the site that will be used to sign requests.

    As usual, let us know is you have any troubles with this release.

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