Can't seach for tags on Gelbooru that include symbols
  • As the title says. After the update with the ability to use the Gelbooru server. Trying to use some tags that include symbols in the title have no results examples include:

    ore_ga_ojou-sama_gakkou_ni_"shomin_sample"_toshite_rachirareta_ken (This not working because of the "…")

    Panty_&_Stocking_with_Garterbelt (Not working due to the &)

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  • You are right, is happening only on the Android version. It looks like we introduced this problem on the latest update, we will try to fix this soon.
  • If I may ask, what is the status on fixing the issue for Android.Just for curiosity's sake?
  • We are planning to push an update for next week

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