Image duplication issue
  • There's been a bug in the last few versions (at least on iOS) where if you scroll through enough posts, the app will get stuck on a single post and display it above every second image result displayed. If you continue to scroll through, this will happen for every image eventually. The "cached" image can be moved around to reveal the underlying correct image, and appears to maintain its scaling, so sometimes the image below it can be viewed depending on their relative size. Often, the superimposed image increases slightly in zoom level as you swipe through more posts. Here's an example:

    Here is the image #1 displayed over image #3 (ignore the result numbering at the top, just using relative distance here):

    If we swipe right twice to get to image #5, #1 continues to display over it. This will happen for every other image (7, 9, 11, etc)

    Eventually one of the unaffected images (#6, for instance) will start displaying over the even numbered results, and every result from then on will have a superimposed incorrect image.

    It's possible to fix this for a given result by backing out to the thumbnail search result screen and going back in, but it will trigger again eventually.
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  • I haven't encounter this error myself. By the description is look like the viewer isn't detecting correctly the bounds of the image. Probably, rotating the device could force the recalculation of the visible items as well.

    The UI entirely recreated if you go back and reopen the viewer, this is why it might look like it's fixing the problem temporally.

    The UI is handled different between versions, so most likely the Android version won't have the same issue.

    Will look more into this, perhaps we may include something for v1.6.

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