• While using I can get thumbnails to load just fine but whenever I click on an image it automatically pops up the message Error: IO_ERROR. Is this a server issue? or an issue with the app?
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  • I saw this as well for Danbooru today, so it's not just you.
  • It's something to do with migration or something.. When you tap on the black thumbnail and then OK the error. Hit the more info button and try to find the image again. Then unfavor and refavor
  • I'm not sure, but it's seems to be happening only for very new posts. Could anybody confirm this?
  • I just took a look, and it actually looks to be everything. I jumped ad far as 100 pages. The thumbnail looks fine but when you tap it the image is blurry, it loads then said the IO_ERROR
  • Yesterday I reproduced the problem again. As @Anime1711 mentions, every image was causing problems. I'm not sure if this is due a temporally problem or not, the first time I did a test it worked fine, then only some images on the first page.

    It looks like our development version doesn't seems to be affected by the same problem (probably), but there are so many changes on this version that is very difficult to know exactly what is the difference between the two.

    Will take a deeper look into this.
  • I'm actually getting ALOT of this when I review the images that I've seen. It almost seems like the app hates me...
  • We may have found the problem. Rather than patching v1.2 again, we are going to publish v1.3 in the next few days. The Amazon version usually takes just a few extra days.
  • Oh, I'm so excited! Can you tell us what the new features will be?

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