v1.3.1 for Android is now available
  • Get it from our website: http://www.animebox.es

    (UPDATE: Amazon version is now live)

    This update includes big changes, not only on the visual, but also on the background. While in functionally may look similar, in the background this update will help us to maintain more easily the app on the future.

    Added on this update:
    * New themes and icons
    * Improved performance on the search screen
    * We now use a Navigation Drawer instead of a Sliding menu.
    * New network client
    * Added preload on the viewer (can be disabled)
    * Better support for Android 6.0 and Material design.
    * For Gelbooru users, the search screen now will request the user credentials when needed

    Removed on this update:
    * The widget
    * Old themes
    * Removed some options from the setting screen. Some no longer apply and some no longer are optional.

    We are going to study the possibility of bringing back the widget, for now we removed it to reduce the development time of this version. The network client is new, it should have better support for https sites. All parsers are new too, so be sure to try every server on your list and report any problems.

    If you are a gelbooru user, the app will request credentials again when you try to search, this is because the session is lost after the update. Just tap “OK” when prompted.

    An update for iOS is coming soon too.
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  • Hello, liking most the changes made to the UI; was never really a fan of the previous look and its stark contrast of colors. It's a lot cleaner now and performance feels snappy.
    The only issue I have is the "girl in a box" image on the main menu was replaced with a generic wireframe box, and I can't find any way to revert it (seeing that cute, happy face set the mood for browsing). Considering the app's demographic, I don't see issue with what was there before; it adds personality. Hopefully, you can bring back this feature, at least as an option (maybe support many, cycling "girl in a box" images or custom image?).
    I know you don't need a screenshot of your own application, but here: i.imgur.com/egljC1V.png
    It just looks a bit soulless.

    For functionality, the update solved my connection issues with danbooru.donmai.us server (IO_ERROR); safebooru and gelbooru worked before and still work now, so overall no problems now for servers I use.
    The Notes feature for displaying annotations are also now working (didn't before).
    Finally, for tag search history, how do you remove an entry? Before, I press and hold a tag that I didn't want to keep in history and it allowed for removal, but this doesn't seem to work now. I keep my tag search history curated to follow things I like (since there doesn't seem to have a tag "favorites" list like there was in iOS version). All I can see is the scorched Earth method of clearing all search history, which would be more effort than it's worth.

    All said and done, I'm always pleased with the support y'all provide for this app and am grateful that it exists. I used this way back in 2012 when it was still Anime Box (on my old iPad 2), back when the icon was the site banner's blue-haired girl; it was my go to source for entertainment between classes at college. When I got my Android phone in Nov 2014, Anime Boxes was the first installation (and you can see my Amazon review (as Tu B. Tran)). Thanks for your work.
  • One feature I miss that was in the old version was being able to hold on a tag in your history to favorite or delete it individually
  • New look feels great. Found some problems, though:

    - Long image notes are not entirely shown in the new Snackbar solution. Snackbars are not meant to hold long text content , so the notes should be shown in something else.
    - Can't find a way to bookmark tags.

  • Awesome, been looking forward to an update. But what about the ability to search within the favorites?
    Also, maybe it's just my imagination...I've noticed when using the dark theme, images seem to also darken where as in the light theme the images are lighter and more colorful. Almost as if the shades are showing through the images.
  • Yes I forgot to mention we didn't included the contextual menus on the search history and the info panel, so you cannot delete or edit your favourites tags. You data still remains, so your previous favourites should still appear. Will definitely include this on the next release.

    @Kilvoctu We are going to put again the app icon on the home screen, that icon is just temporally. And thanks for your comments, we appreciate it.

    @jun01 You are right, the snackbar is for small messages, gonna check that too.

    @Anime1711 Also gonna include the favourite searches soon, is long overdue. The theme includes a gradient to separate the action bar from the rest, maybe this is the one that give you this felling. I don't find it that noticeable or annoying, but we may adjust the colors a little on the future.

    The "jump to page" feature seems to be half broken, will also fix that soon.

    Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming.
  • Love the new style but the app is crashing a lot now. Also, the thumbnails don't refresh correctly but that isn't really important.
    *Sorry for bothering but is there a link to the old version?
  • Hello!
    I love your app, but new version is rather bad.
    >* We now use a Navigation Drawer instead of a Sliding menu.
    Why did you do it? It was fantastic feature, that allowed people to use tags very fast! And now its just a button, uncomfortable button. Also, if you have big screen on your android phone, it will be very uncomfortable.

    >New themes and icons
    Previos version was more beautiful. Why dont you want to use android guidelines? I cant say, that the design of Anime Boxes is android disign, its custom design.
    The behavior of left and right menues is very strange. I am talking about feelings then I use this menues.
    Colors of the app are not very good too.

    In conclusion I wold like to agree with @Kilvoctu:
    >The only issue I have is the "girl in a box" image on the main menu was replaced with a generic wireframe box, and I can't find any way to revert it (seeing that cute, happy face set the mood for browsing).

    And I want to ask you a link to the older version, please.
  • @Jur15

    Very well, the old version is still here:


    The design is the standard material, and Drawer behaves as it should. You can swipe from the edge of the screen to open the menu, but not the info panel, we do this to avoid reloading it when it not visible.
  • Thanks a lot for the link, and also for being so kind even when our comments weren't really good.
  • Something I've just noticed: the "open website" doesn't seem to work.
  • Just echoing a couple of criticisms:
    Lack of context menu for tags is frustrating; "add to search history" was particularly useful for checking out an artist without losing your place in the current search.

    The gradient that bleeds from the menus is pretty annoying on an app that's used for browsing artwork.


    There seems to be a bug where thumbnails on pages past the first load incorrectly (they are pictures of the first 100 images again, but once one is clicked on, the issue is fixed until the next page.) A related issue is that the images loop after the end is reached. I don't know if that one is intended behavior, however.

    On the plus side, the IO_ERROR bug appears to be fixed.

    Anyways, thanks for developing this app! I look forward to the next release.
  • @Anime1711 will check that too

    @Budster Thanks, the problem on the search will be fixed on the next update. We are bringing back the contextual menus for the info panel and the search history, and we have adjusted a little the colours for the gradient, to make it a little less annoying.

    The update will be available this week, we are now looking for crashes.
  • Awesome! 1.3.2 fixed the random crashes on my phone. Also thumbnails work properly now.
    Keep up the good work.

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