1.3.2 (Android) Bugs/Requests
  • Bugs
    1. If you try to delete a history entry from the main screen, then the item only appears to get deleted. It reappears the next time the history is opened.
    2. Suggestions slightly cover typing area, making it difficult to adjust the cursor or paste into the field
    3. Girl in box icon on the main scene is somewhat blurry (maybe it's just me though...)
    4. Loading bar issues when: the user views an image, switches back to thumbnails view, then views the image again

    5. There should be an easy way (one tap/swipe) of viewing image info
    6. Swiping in from right side of the screen should reveal history (when not currently viewing an image)
    7. If there's going to be space to the left of every history entry, perhaps the space could be filled with an empty heart icon that can be tapped to favorite that entry

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  • 1. I cannot reproduce this one, the element is deleted correctly.

    2. Ok, we will look into it. Probably only affects certain version of Android.

    3. Most likely we just forgot to add the image for a certain resolution.

    4. I don't see or understand the problem. The large image aren't retained on the cache, so when you go back, or as you scroll, is deleted. So, if you do this, the image is downloaded again. Is this the problem?

    We are planning to improve how the cache works, to delete files only when the app is in the background.

    5 and 6. The plan is to enable the swipe from the edge to open the right panel. Currently the menu (left panel) can be opening like this. The content of the right panel will change depending of what you see.

    7. Will consider it for future updates.

    Thanks for the feedback, we will try to fix these bugs on the next update.
  • I'm using 4.4.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S3. My screen resolution is 1280x720.

    1. I think I figured out what it is. The items aren't deleted until the history bar disappears and reappears. So deleting the first entry then tapping the new first entry searches for the original first entry.

    4. To clarify, occasionally the loading bar isn't visible.
  • 1. Yes, I see it. Will fix on the next update.

    4. Ok, I understand. I still cannot reproduce it, but I'm gonna try on different devices.

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