Bandwidth difficulties
  • Images and thumbnails appear to be loading somewhat slowly for me. Is there anything that could be done to improve loading speeds?

    I'm not entirely clear on what it does, but perhaps there could be an option to disable prefetching?

    Additionally, I have a suspicion that switching back to thumbnail view before an image is completely loaded results in that image continuing to download in the background, rather than canceling the download completely.

    I'm using the android version of the app.
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  • We do cancel the download when you go back, but I have noticed that sometimes the connection is not cancelled immediately. It's hard to explain, but we have little control over this, it depends on some underlying libraries.

    We will consider an option to disable the prefetching.
  • What exactly is downloading when prefetching? All the visible thumbnails?
  • It's downloading the next image in the list in the resolution selected in the settings.
  • Prefetch on the viewer includes thumbnails and the visible version of the image. I think it's disabled for animated files.
  • I've sometimes notice that the prefetch can be better or faster than loading the actual image. Like if it loads up blurry, I swipe back a page then go forward again.
  • I have noticed that viewing images left to right tends to load images faster. However, many image sets are ordered right to left. This makes viewing them much slower. I propose that prefetch loads the next image relative to to direction you are swiping, rather than always on the right.
  • @blooaoiblue It's true, preloading only works from left to right. The usual order of the posts is from new to older, so we didn't consider to preload previous posts.

    Anyway, I will think about it, maybe we can adjust it a little. Usually the posts that you swipe away are canceled to save on bandwidth, so I'm not sure if this behaviour could be affected by this.

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