Various feature requests
    1. Instead of recommending entire search entries in the search autocomplete, break up all past searches into their component tags and recommend the tags
    2. So, if the history contained the entry "nichijou twintails", then both "nichijou" and "twintails" could be recommended in the search suggestions.
    3. In image info, "rating" and "score" should be treated like tags (ex. tapping "rating:safe" should result in searching for "rating:safe")
    4. A setting to blacklist all images with scores less than some user-specified threshold
    5. Blacklisting images that match 2+ tags at once (this would make searches on poorly-tagged boorus less unpleasant)
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  • Some very nice suggestions there =]
  • 5. Searching through favorited images (Android)
  • Ok thanks, we will consider all of this recommendations for the next update. At the very least we are going to include #5 on the 1.4 for Android
  • Maybe a way to access your favorites from a pc?

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