Transfering favorites, history, etc to new devices
  • When installing anime boxes on a new phone, there are many things lost:
    * favorites
    * search history
    * starred searches
    * recently viewed
    * servers and credentials
    * blacklisted tags
    * settings

    This is troublesome to restore, especially when there are many favorites saved.
    There are 2 solutions I can think of.
    1. Synchronizing the contents of both devices
    2. Creating some kind of import/export within the app

    Both seem like they'd be somewhat difficult to add, but I thought it was worth bringing up.
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  • We know it's a problem. I'm still not sure what would be the best option. On iOS there is way to store data using iCould, but on Android there is no similar option.

    We may look into an export/import function.
  • How about using the Google Drive API?
  • When on a rooted device, you can transfer all your favorites and history by copying the "idanbooru.db" and the "idanbooru.db-journal" files located in the app root folder, i don't know if its possible but maybe you can duplicate this files and save them to a path that doesn't require root permissions to acces, so every time you change yor device, just copy this files and youre done.

  • @Eljo_seto Is that for android or iPhone?
  • @blooaoiblue

    Yes, rooting is an android only function.
  • Ok, I know this is a bit late but you just need to use titanium backup simple as that too keep all the things you mention.
  • @admin import/export would be great.
  • @hallofc

    The iOS App already have this, and we will include this on the next update for the Android app.

    At this moment I cannot tell yet if the imported data will be compatible across platforms.

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