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  • I'll keep it simple and will expand upon anything if anyone has any questions about either suggestion listed. But a few ideas had been popping in to my head for the app that could make it a little more user friendly in some areas.

    These include:

    -A white outline on the hearts for favorites. I regularly favorite many things on tags I frequently keep up with and sometimes the thumbnails are dark and the hearts blend in to the image. I've accidentally removed many things from favorites this way but this is probably just a personal thing.

    -Clean WebM looping. I've mentioned this before, I know, and I'm not sure how this is progressing if possible to begging with but I would love this if it could be achieved!

    -Save spots when browsing. On iOS, sometimes I would forget that I was in the middle of browsing when something comes up and when I open the app again, it restarts the whole thing and I lose my spot say 700-ish images in (I kind of love this app, haha). So if it could remember your last visited image from the last search query, that would be fabulous!

    -And finally, this is not much of a feature request, but I would like to have a directory location for the files the app stores for favorites so I can transfer them to my PC. Of course this is a jailbreak only functionality as you have to get in to the core files c; I only request to know this because if I have thousands of files (I may have an addiction, haha) and try through the iTunes method of transferring favorites, it takes tens of minutes to load the list and crash during transfer (if not before).

    Anyway, nit picking, nag nag, I can't be satisfied but just putting a few ideas out there c:

    I'm sure I have more but this is what I can think of right off the top of my head. Anyway I look forward to the continuation of the app and hope it lives on forever! Thanks to the dev(s) x1,000~
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  • I didn't know about the problem of the Favourites with iTunes File Sharing, but we didn't tested with a list that large, I think the biggest list we tested was about 300-400 favourites. I'm not sure if we can improve it this.

    We use the standard "Documents" path to save these files. The path is partially generated by the system, so each device will have a different one per app. It should be something like:


    It's a little dangerous to wander around here, you might broke one of your apps.

    The outline for the Favorite icon is already present on the Android version, and it will be added to the iOS version soon.

    I will take a look again at the looping on webm videos. I believe is related to some stability issue, but I'm not entirely sure right now. I also will look into saving the state of the app to disk, we know is a missing feature.
  • Any chance you could throw in some more themes if you get a chance? Wouldn't mind to be able to customize the colors of the screen to suit our preferences.
    But I agree that a save state would be really nice.
  • How about adding a multi-selection when searching for images, so you easily download them without looking at the full image. Also, the images can be downloaded in a queue.
  • Batch downloading is a main feature many seek for an app like this one. Particularly, one of the big reasons people liked about Crumby and went for, back when that app was still alive and well, of course.

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