(Android) Directory picker to choose image-saving folder
  • In the android app, I think it would be nice to have a button that would allow the user to visually navigate to and select the directory they want to save images to (instead of specifying the path purely with text).

    On a side note, I've not be able to change the image-saving directory to external storage (a micro sd card). Is this actually possible in the current version of the app?
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  • You could just save the image to your phone then move it to the SD card. The only issue would be getting them back into your favorites in the app. Which in sure is what you'd like to do.
  • I totally forgot about this, it was supposed to be included on v1.3.4.

    This will be included on v1.3.5, we already working on it.

    On Android 4.X.X it will still work the same, but on Android +5 you will see a "select" button on the settings screen to pick the folder. The selector should let you pick or create a new folder from your SD card, or in some other location without problems.

    The current version have troubles because of write permissions, so you can't really change the path on Android +5.

    This update will be available very soon.
  • I was not aware v1.3.4 was even out. Has it not reached the Amazon app store yet? I'm still on 3.3. What are the new features?
  • No new features yet.

    v1.3.5 include this and some bug fixes. We also updated some libraries to improve stability and include support for Nougat (We haven't really tested support for Nougat).

    I'll post the usual discussion to detail the changes on both versions later this week. Amazon version should be coming soon.

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