iOS Anime Boxes v1.5.4 weird bug related to WEBMs
  • So the problem is... I don't even know how to describe it, but

    If you don't load whole WEBM, and then you start swiping images forward, then your viewer kinda f**cks up, and when you find the image you want to see, then... Most likely it won't load it, even if there's thumbnail of it, and instead it's gonna load WEBM's thumbnail or another image completely.
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  • We have found the issue and we already testing a possible solution. It will take a few days, but we hope to publish an update soon.
  • Apparently it happens not only with WEBMs, but also with all kind of large files
  • I cannot reproduce it, but we will look into it. By the description it sounds like the previous download isn't being canceled.
  • Could you specify device model and OS version? It could help a little to find the problem.
  • Yeah, that's exactly how it is, previous download is not canceling after you just swipe to the next image

    iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 5S

    Well it was 9.3.2 at the time I was writing the post
  • Thanks, we already looking into it.
  • Love you guys! Hope I will find more bugs (if they are gonna be) in a future to help you!

    Thanks for the awesome work and the app itself c:

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