• Are favorites stored on my phones hard drive somewhere? The app only shows as 19.44mb but I have almost nothing on my phone. Is the only fix for this is to delete some favorites?
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  • For the iOS version we use the Sandboxed Documents and Cache directories, and we offer a delete option. On the Android version we use the standard Cache Directory, and there is also a delete option on the settings screen. On Android there are other apps and utilities to delete the cache.

    The size usage you see could include the local database and installed files. So probably you won't be able to reduce more than that. Besides, 19.44MB isn't that much, did you mean 194MB?
  • Nope. I'm my storage info that's what it said. That's why I'm confused. I cant seem to figure out what is taking up so much space,if that is the case.

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