Problem Danbooru
  • I have a problem with and Danbooru not work tag loli pictures in black
    could come before but now I can not sorry for bad english

    opcion type danbooru

    opcion type danbooru 2
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  • Have you tried using your own credentials? Like, the site's login info? Most booru sites now blacklist certain tags automatically to guest users, you see.
  • I think @Konpon is right, some tags won't work unless you provide user credentials (user name and api key).

    You can edit your server by going to the servers list and pressing the "i" button (or long tap on Android) and selecting "edit". And use Danbooru 2 as the type.
  • requires elevated privileges for the explicit tags from what I can remember. It doesn't matter if you have an new account, you have to be active and upload around 1-200 pics and be active to be considered for the admins to raise your "level" on their RSS. Could be wrong since I had an account with them for close to 4 years tho. Might have changed the rules now.

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