Either bugs or I'm going crazy
  • I'm certain when I first aquired the app there was a top and hot now section on the main menu which I found quite useful. They have disappeared at some point an won't come back even when I delete and reinstall. Also are pools on Android yet? This is all Android 1.3.7 by the way. Apart from that its a great app that I've been using all day. Easily the best browser out there right now.
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  • Options on the main menu vary depending on the selected server. This is affected by the type of server, but the default server have less options by design, is not a bug.
  • This is with a custom danbooru 2 server with login and api key. All options are the same for all sites. Default, gelbooru and danbooru. No top or hot section. I swear those were there when I first got the app.
  • Try to reinstall, that'd be suggestion. I just checked mine and I have the hot, top section, do a clean install btw. Uninstall, restart w/clear cache+dev / then reinstall. See if that works.
  • Just tried uninstalling and deleting the cache several times. Still haven't got those sections back. One https://imgur.com/gallery/TCXIm this is what I have. It the same menu as from the screenshot on the Amazon page essentially.
  • Try to install the old version then, I remember one of the posts have a link for like the 1.2 apk (I think) re-upload all your credentials then upgrade again to the newest version. That should work. If not you might have to just stick with the old version untill admin can figure it out. Might want to drop what kind of phone and Android your running to help narrow it down a bit. If your running root or cfw on your phone, you might have caused it inadvertently by some app... (I did the same thing but I figured it out). But try the old apk first and let me know. Might be able to troubleshoot it out.

    Edit: here's the link to save you the trouble. http://www.animebox.es/apk/DroidBooru1_2_3.apk

  • Hey, thanks for going above and beyond to help me out. Just tried the old version into new twice. It hasn't worked. This is really strange. Even the 1.2.3 version didn't have those options. This is on a Nexus 6p android 6.0.1. I'm considering a factory reset at this point just to see how far this goes. Seriously thanks though.
  • I just installed it on my old phone a galaxy s5 for the first time and it has the same exact problem immediately.
  • Apparently there is a problem with the menu. The menu isn't being refreshed after you change the server.

    We are going to push an update to solve this issue soon, but as temporally solution, pick a server then restart the app, that should load the correct options on launch.
  • Doing that only works with gelbooru. Danbooru seems to be the problem here. I can get those options when I restart with gelbooru selected but they are non functional when I switch back to danbooru. They just show the most recent images in both hot now and top. They do still function correctly on gelbooru however. This wasn't always the case. I remember them working correctly on danbooru when I first got the app. Thanks for the help so far.
  • The problem with the menu has been fixed on v1.3.8, the menu is now refreshed each time you select a server. Get it from our website, or on Amazon on a couple more days.

    The "Hot Now" option only works for Gelbooru sites. The "Top" option should be visible now on Danbooru and Danbooru 2 sites.

    By the way, the Android version doesn't have support for pools, it wasn't a very popular option on the iOS version, so we pushed it back the development of this feature.
  • @admin i think it might be android itself not the app causing the issues, cuz my app on both my phone and tablet don't have any issues with the old versions themselves.

    @grerin: I'm thinking it could possibly be some kind of an app, or Android version that your running. But try new version should work like admin said, if not drop a message and I can maybe we can troubleshoot it out a bit.

    Incase your wondering I'm running a custom kitkat rom on phone, rootedl 5.1 on tablet
  • @admin thanks! That update seems to have fixed it. The top section is there now and it changes the options when I change server immediately. The only other thing I have left is a suggestion. The ability to add custom tag searches to the main menu yourself. For example (order:rank) or (age:1day order:score) for danbooru. It would add a hell of a lot of customisability to what is already the best app on the market.

    @setaskl the problem is fixed now thankfully but thanks a lot for all the offers of help!

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