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  • My problem is that after upgrading the app to the newest version for Android, I lost the ability to use,, tbib, and other sites that requires logging in. I've tried to install other versions but problem still occurs. I know I'm inputting the info correctly but I keep getting 1-2 messages, either it's invalid credentials or host cannot be reached at the address. I know it has to be some kind of bug because I can use the app on my tablet with no problems, it's just affecting the phone after updating to the newest version. Any help would be nice.
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  • Gelbooru seems to be working fine, maybe just a little slow. The error from the screenshot is an network error, like a timeout or a DNS problem.

    You could try restarting your device and see if it works after that.

    Could provide device model and Android version of your phone?
  • Actually I figured it out, I have a rooted android with adblock software installed, turns out one of the hosts entries completely denies the api of the booru sites. So easy fix, but don't ask me which host file it is since my log has over 150k entries to combat ads. But for further help for anyone else running a custom room, avoid using experimental setting with unbeloved hosts. (all other ones work)

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