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  • My android device has soft keys, meaning I need to hold down a button and wait 2 seconds to open the menu to load an image's notes. However, often times an image won't have any notes, which wastes a lot of time.

    It would be nice if the app would show if an image has notes or not without having to open the menu. It would also be convenient if there was a setting to just always try to load the notes for every image.
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  • We never included this due to a problem with Danbooru 1. This type of sites don't specify if a post has notes or not, so the app would need to keep calling the server each time you swipe to another post. This becomes a problem on certain screens that can display content from multiple sources, like favorites or the history.

    Still, it may be able to add a setting to autoload notes on the normal search for Danbooru 2 and Gelbooru sites. We are going to consider it for future updates.

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