Make data log available for data mining?
  • I've been using this app on android for over a year now and it's really great. I've also been doing data mining on various boorus, and I was wondering if I could also get data from this app itself. Specifically, it would super cool if I could access a fully-timestamped log of searches made, image ids viewed, servers used, images favorited, tags blacklisted, etc.

    Sorry if the request is a bit selfish, but I think the data here could be really interesting to explore.
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  • Not gonna happen anytime soon, your better off using a pc for that in my opinion.
  • We don't log that many information. The app only keeps a search log, and a view log. But neither of both register the server used at that moment, and they keep a maximum of 100 results. Older results get removed to keep the numbers the results small.

    This is very specific request, and I'm not sure how it will be useful to many users.

    We do are planning to include a feature to backup/restore your data, so that might be useful for you, though I'm not entirely sure.

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