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  • I just got latest version of the iOS app, and I'm loving it so far. The only issue is when I click on the paper clip symbol, it says loading notes, but nothing shows up. Am I doing this wrong somehow? I'm on the danbooru server btw
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  • This is problem on Danbooru servers, the API doesn't include on the metadata of a post if that post have notes or not. So the only real way to know if a post have notes is to opening a request to the server. We don't do this automatically because then the app would have to open a request to the server each time you view an image.

    You may have been watching a posts that doesn't really have notes, but the notes button needs to be enabled so you can request the notes to the server to verify if the post have notes or not.

    Perhaps what is missing here is an message that tells you if the post didn't have notes after calling the server.

    On Danbooru 2 this isn't a problem, the API does explicitly defines if a post have notes or not, so the viewer disable/enable the notes button as you move through the posts.

    By the way, sorry for the late answer, we closed the office due vacations.

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