Paheal (and probably other Shimmie-related sites) issues
  • Images don't load to full size. Some do, other don't. Reloading the same tag search after closing, stopping, and reopening the app lets the faulty images to load, but the ones that could be seen don't work instead. It's almost like wack-a-mole. Anything that can be done about that?
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  • Well I just tried on the app and it's definitely working weird. Since it's working for some images could be network error, but I'm not sure about the exact reason right now, this will require further investigation.

    I'll reply again when we find the reason.
  • I finally got the time to test this further. It appears to be a problem on the server side. It looks like this site has multiple image mirror servers, and the site distributes the load between them by giving different URLs per post. The problematic mirror seems to be the 0 (or rule34-data-000), which never responds, it always ends on timeout.

    Is at random, because the API is trying to distribute the load between all the mirrors, so each time the app request a page of results, the API will assign the mirror 0 for some of the posts. If you request again the same page of results, it will distribute the load at random again, so a post that didn't worked it may work this time, which explains the weird behavior.

    This is not a problem with the App, and restarting the app won't make a difference. Unfortunately we cannot solve this on the client side because it would require hard coding the URL, which goes against the design of the App.
  • Ah, that is pretty convoluted of them.

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