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  • Great app, I've been using it for a few years (first on android and currently on iOS) just had a few suggestions for your consideration.

    1. Option to change save target away from the camera roll to another app (good reader or ifiles 2 or something similar) not to sure how viable this is on iOS though. Though the share button in the picture viewer doesn't appear to allow picking one of those apps as a save/export target either.

    2. Option to do mass downloads with a queue of some sort?

    3. Additional privacy options, I.e. blanking out the thumbnail in the app switcher (good reader does this when navigating locked folders), changing the app icon/title to something non descript (probably not possible on iOS though), and/or defaulting to the safebooru server with no favorites/history when a second configured password is entered.

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  • First, let me thank you for the feedback.

    A few notes about this:

    1. For this, the share option is the only one we could offer. The other apps should be registered to receive the files. This is the reason some will appear while other don't. You could try to change the "Share with post URL" on the "Advanced settings", this may show different apps, but I cannot confirm.

    2. Very requested. We are currently working on a Backup/Restore option for your local data, which is another very requested feature, but after that we are going to try to solve this.

    3. The app already does this when possible, though I'm not entire sure right now if you have to enable the password protection first to make it work. Also, is not immediate, you have to switch to other app first, then when you enter the app switcher again, it should be hidden. This isn't "standard", so sometimes it may not work as expected. What we do is to put a cover over the entire App when you move to another app, sometimes iOS screenshots this cover to use it on the app switcher.

    Pro users can already protect the app with a password on the settings screen. Additionally, you may configure it you want to ask it "always" or only "on launch" (once per session). Just use the "Always" option is you want to be extra secure.

    It crossed my mind the second password thing (actually, it was something like a guess user), but is a little bit too much, I don't think we are going to include this ever, is already complex as it is.

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