Can we get a deepzoom feature for high-res images?
  • I'm on Android, and whenever I zoom in on high resolution images it gets blurry and pixelated even if I have the "original image" option selected. However if I view the same image using the built in gallery app it'll look nice and clean.

    For example, the following image has a resolution of 3541x5016, here are screenshots taken from my phone

    Anime Boxes:

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  • This is true, the app does show all images with this kind of rendering limitation when zooming in to their native resolution.
  • For Android we do lower the quality while rendering to save on memory, this solve an issue that affected the first versions of the app. There is also a limit on size because of some old GPU cannot render very large images.

    This shouldn't affect the files when saved. When you save to your device, the file is saved as is, with no quality loss.

    As a temporally solution, try going to Settings and disable "Limit image size for large images", I can't recall right now if this really disables the limit, or just doubles it. Anyway, if your device is recent, it should be able to handle it.

    I guess the viewer could be better, but still I don't think we are going to change this anytime soon, is not that simple.

    By the way, this is not an issue on the iOS version (though the app might crash on old devices if the resolution is too high).

  • I already have the limit image size option unchecked but it does not help. An option to prevent lowering the quality would be appreciated though, because I'm sure my $800 phone from late 2016 is more than capable of handling it.

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