Access Forbidden Bug?
  • i'm browsing gelbooru daily as usual. until suddenly, as i browse some pictures, i was given an "access forbidden" on a lot of loads. this seems abnormal.

    it also tried loading an webm file. it would completely load and then say "cannot download file." restarting the app and load that same webm on gelbooru just doesn't load anymore.

    i typically would restart the app to fix the "access forbidden" portion but it was a temporary fix...

    i'm using iOS 9.3, current app ver 1.5.7
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  • Thanks for reporting it.

    I'm getting similar reports on Twitter. None of them mention the version of the app they are using, so right now we can't really tell what could be causing the issue. I cannot reproduce it myself either, but I'm trying on iOS 10, maybe is related to this.

    Did you tried using another server?

  • Getting the same error on gelbooru. App version 1.5.7, iOS version 10.1.1. Seems to only happen on gelbooru, haven't got the error on danbooru. Tried using both logged in and logged off gelbooru but they both have the same error. Happens on every couple of images.
  • I was able to reproduce the same problem too. As @septers mentions, it happens on some posts. We still don't know the reason, but we already looking into it.

    Nobody has reported the problem on the Android version, so maybe this only is affecting the iOS version.

    If anyone on Android is having the same issue please let me know.
  • I cannot reproduce this problem since yesterday. I keep trying using both the release and the development versions of the iOS app. I believe it was just a temporally issue on the server side.

    It would be great if anybody can confirm this isn't happening anymore.

    Another user reported that it wasn't possible to add the site using his credentials, but we couldn't reproduce it that either.

    The next update for iOS was supposed to be submitted this week, but we are delaying a little bit to keep testing this, at least for a couple more days.
  • Sorry for the late reply. Everything looks good, no problems on my end anymore.
  • I get some of the issues, but to me, it all seems random. Then again, it mostly happens with videos.

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