Blacklist improvement
  • Maybe my tastes are super narrow, but I tend to have a huge blacklist. It would be fantastic if the app could either 1) import blacklist from booru account, 2) accept a mass paste of a whole list of tags, 3) have the option to edit a tags list file directly, and/or 4) when long pressing a tag in a post's tag list, have an option to add to blacklist.

    Would make curating of visible posts very simple and easy to use.
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  • Most boorus (if not all) don't provide API for this. Also, the app validates different the blacklist from the rules on boorus.

    Anime boxes only accepts rules on 1 tag at time, while boorus accept rules of multiple tags at the same time. This difference could cause a confusion, so for this reason, we decided to use a list that only accepts a tag a time, instead of the multiline text box. (this is probably a very technical explanation, but I have no other way to explain it).

    At the very least #4 sounds like a good idea, we will try include it on coming updates. As for the rest, it will require further analysis.

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