Search on danbooru with multi filters got empty response.
  • My search query is "nanao_(mahaya) order:score",
    This returns search results on danbooru:✓&tags=nanao_%28mahaya%29+order%3Ascore&ms=1 .
    But the anime boxes app returns empty response immediately.
    I think my anime boxes app is configured correctly:
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  • This is a problem with the safe filter. On danbooru you can only use 2 tags at a time, and the safe filter is using one.

    To solve this, your only option is to disable the filter for the server:

    1. On the main menu, tap on servers
    2. Long tap on your server, and select "edit" on the popup menu
    3. Uncheck the "rating filter enabled"
    4. Save it

    After this, you should be able to search using 2 tags.

  • OK now, thank you!

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