Gelbooru incorrect credentials on iOS
  • Whenever I try to login to Gelbooru on the app, I get an incorrect credentials error. I've tried to delete the server and re-add it. I've tried waiting and trying again later. At a loss.
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  • Is this on the iOS or the Android version?

    I couldn't reproduce it myself. Most likely is just a temporal issue, maybe the site was overloaded at the time, just try again later, it should work fine.

    Alternative, try using "https" instead of "http" on the url field (or instead of leaving it empty, which defaults to http). Also, try writing the url without the "www" part, as is really optional in this case.

    If still doesn't work, post an screenshots of your settings.
  • I've also had this issue consistently with the iOS app since early April. So far I've tried:
    - Using the "https" url instead of "http"
    - Including/excluding "www" from the url
    - Updating my password on Gelbooru and using that info
    - Creating a new Gelbooru account and using that info
    The only thing I haven't tried yet is reinstalling the app itself (since I'm not entirely sure what all the backups save). I have been able to use Gelbooru signed out, but the "User Required" message appears before displaying search results (which just started recently).

    I'm using my iPhone 5s (Running iOS 8.4.1) and the latest version of the app (1.5.8)

    And here's my settings screenshots:
    Server Settings:
    App Settings:

    Just let me know if you need different screenshots.
  • Session for Gelbooru are handled through cookies. If the cookie expires, the app will ask you to sign in again while searching.

    If you delete the server on the servers screen the cookie is deleted as well, so reinstalling the app shouldn't be necessary.

    I'm gonna make a few more test on this, maybe there is a case the app isn't handling correctly. Right now I'm thinking that could be related to the encoding of the results. I'll reply back once I got something.

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