Can't play FullHD video in Android app
  • Resolution of my display is 1200x720 (HD), if I try to open video (webm) larger than this resolution, for example 1920x1080, I get error "Undefined".
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  • For the Android App we use Android's decoder, so compatibility depends on the Android version running. Webm support starts at Android 4.1 and earlier version should be filtering those files.

    Newer devices can decode webm (vp8, vp9) directly on the hardware, so its very fast. Old devices may use software, but performance is awful, it will work only on small resolution videos.

    Usually when the device can't play the video because of high resolution, it will show just a black square, or a single frame and then will stop. That means the device is at least trying to play the video.

    If you see an error, the file can't even be opened at all. It could be that the codec can't handle the file, or that the file may have incomplete or broken metadata.

    The video support included is pretty basic, there is not much we can do here. Your best option is to save the file and then try to open it on a dedicate video player.

    Anyway, if you post the link to file we can take a look, perhaps there is something we can do about it.

    The update we are working on right now include a few changes related to the video playback, but performance will be mostly the same.

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