v1.5.9 for iOS and v1.3.9 for Android now available for download
  • Version 1.5.9 for iOS is now available for download. This update includes:
    -Added playback controls for videos.
    -Bug fixes
    -Improved compatibility with sites

    We are planning to release another update once iOS 11 is released, to fix any possible compatibility issues.

    Version 1.3.9 for Android is also available to download. This update includes several changes:
    -Added playback controls for videos
    -Added slideshow mode on viewer
    -Viewer will load notes automatically (only on Gelbooru and Danbooru 2)
    -A more aggressive disk cache usage, files now will be maintained for 2 days.
    -Fix for source and url address on the Info Panel
    -Improved compatibility with sites
    -Other bug fixes

    For this updated we tried to improve the stability and usage of the viewer.

    We know the app still missing some stuff, is just that we are having a hard time to assign time to the project. We are gonna try to add some few new features soon.

    Get the download links on our website:


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